Tony Morris Carburetors

Tony Morris Carburetors LLC is a Florida-based company specialising in Holley-style race carburetors.

 Our full range of services includes:
  • New, bespoke, built to order carburetors:

After a consultation with Tony to fully understand your needs, we can build a new carburetor to your specific requirements, using our own range of billet carburetor components.

  • Refurbishment and rebuilds to all Holley style carburetors:

We can optimise and adjust your existing carb to make it work just how it should. This means you can have a carburetor as if it were fresh from the factory at a fraction of the cost, with a tune-up installed to meet the needs of your particular application – resulting in less time wasted tuning at the track.

  • Conversions:

We can convert your supplied carb from gas to alcohol – or even the other way around!

You can be assured that all of our work is carried out by either Tony Morris or Dave Gibbons, drawing from our combined experience of more than 80 years of competitive motorsport.


TMC carb 4 Matt Griffiths 1050

TMC carb 1 TMC metering block 1

Twin carbs TMC carb 3

TMC carb 5 TMC carb 2

TMC carb 1