Crikey! We haven’t posted for how long?

It’s been well over a year since our last news item, but it hasn’t been because we’ve been idle, but because we’ve been so busy!

DSC_04582014 ended badly for the Rough Diamond altered when then motor spread its internals over the track during the National Finals. This sorry state of affairs has yet to be resolved primarily due to funding.

Junior Fun Day Kirstie 1However Scott’s junior dragster performed well in 2014 and was this year upgraded to the Junior Modified class with the installation of a Blossom alcohol motor and Polar clutch, which now pushes the performance to 8.90 seconds at 70 m.p.h. over the eighth mile – which we think is quite fast enough for a 10 year old!

BA6E1403RDR crew member Maurice Takoor finally got to drive his ‘Spirit’ nostalgia dragster. This BMC 1298 c.c. supercharged, injected and alcohol burning car was first built in 1973 and is a true survivor of the sport. Maurice ran the car at North Weald and again at Dragstalgia. Unfortunately some issues with the transmission prevented the car from reaching it’s full potential, but it showed promise and is a hoot to watch and drive. We’ll be pulling the gearbox from the car over the winter and look into what the problem might be.

Bob Glassup Ivan Sansom full size imageThe primary reason for our general ‘busy-nes’ has been our involvement with Bob Glassup’s ‘Bubblegum’ Nostalgia Fuel Funny Car. This Ford Capri bodied funny car runs to a similar specification of the nitro funny cars in the 70’s and 80’s and has the potential to run into the 5 second zone. Late in 2014 Dave was taken on as crew chief to the car and has been responsible for the assembly of the motor, transmission and all mechanical aspects of the machine. These race cars are complex, and prone to self destruction unless maintained properly, so a softly-softly approach to the tune up and testing of the car has been taken along the lines of that taken by the Apache funny car team and their crew chief Rob Loaring (who has kindly offered help, encouragement and advice). Only two initial test hits were made in ‘Bubblegum’ this year at Dragstalgia, but the (little) data acquired has been useful, and the parts are in place for a full and (hopefully) exciting season in 2016.

Finally, the poor old Dallara is still sitting in the naughty corner awaiting attention, but a visit to the Bouley Bay hill climb in Jersey this year has sparked the interest in Sprinting once again – watch this space.

All of this, plus the throughput of our usual engine and fabrication work has made for a spectacularly busy and enjoyable 2015. The current dates for 2016 are in the sidebar of this page, and we’ll update these as when information is received. We hope to see you at the track!

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