The legacy continues?

Here at Rough Diamond racing we are pleased to confirm that Scott Gibbons has been booked to have his first drive of a Junior Stock Dragster. This will take place at Santa Pod Raceway during the first day of the Mopar Euronationals on 26th July – the day after his 8th birthday!

Scott jnr drag 2Thought had been given to initially buying a Junior Dragster outright, but the decision has been made that it would be best if initial training and licensing were done using a school car. ‘Once we’ve seen how Scott takes to driving on the drag strip we’ll look at maybe hiring a car for events for the remainder of the season’ said dad (and team principal?) Dave Gibbons. He continued, ‘If everything goes to plan we will then consider whether to buy or build a car for Scott for the 2014 season, this will give us plenty of time to prepare rather than going at it half-baked this year. Frankly, the use of a school car is so cost-effective, and I’ll be at the ‘Pod anyway, it was a ‘no brainer’ for Scott to do it on that weekend’.

The minimum age for driving a Jnr. Dragster is eight, so Scott may possibly become the youngest UK Junior Drag car driver so far. Until then he intends to ‘research’ what will be required of him by asking those who have done it before lots of questions!

We get the feeling that Rough Diamond Racing may have just opened a huge Pandora’s box!

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1 Response to The legacy continues?

  1. Alli Gibbons says:

    If you’re Team Principal, does that mean it’s your responsibility to secure the budget??

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