More on the Price Daimler

It’s been a few weeks since John Price happily drove away in his revived Daimler 250 saloon. You may recall that we carried out a few ‘adjustments’ to the car and it ran and drove better than anytime since John first bought the car 12 years ago. We were all very pleased with what had been achieved.

However, further driving indicated that the car was still running rich and using a lot of fuel. Dave had some thoughts on this as some ‘descrepances’ within the carburetors had shown themselves while he was working on them. At the time, in an effort to keep costs down, they were given a simple clean and correctly adjusted, but it is now clear that but doing so Dave had corrected some adjustments made by others to put a ‘crutch’ under the real issue.

So Dave set sail for Dartford, removed the carbs and brought them back to the workshop. Initially Dave suspected a punctured jet diaphragm, but it transpired that actually the jets and needles were excessively worn. New items from Burlen Fuel Systems were ordered, fitted, and the carbs returned to their home on the Daimler in Dartford. The car ran perfectly with little need for further adjustment, and subsequently drove better than ever.

We’re pleased to say that John is a very happy customer, and hopefully he has fallen back in love with a car that he was hating to drive.

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