Mixed weekend at Long Avon Shakey Park Raceway

O.k. We’ll get the bad news out of the way first. Dave red-lit in round one…

But on the upside the Rough Diamond altered qualified sixth, after running a personal best for the car on our second run (only by a gnats, but it’s still a PB!). An 8.631 at 152.37 mph. We clearly underestimated the track and conditions and dialled too safely on the first two attempts, prompting an extra safe dial on our third.

The weekend wasn’t completely without problems. After the first qualifying run the car picked up a front tyre puncture – most uncommon. Fortunately for us, in the pits crewing for a drag bike, was a mobile commercial tyre fitter – complete with his van. A repair was effected and thanks to some track down time we didn’t even miss a run. We failed to discover the company he worked for, all we knew was that his name was Scott. So thank you Scott, wherever you may be. As Dave said, when he was doing this 30 years ago it would have been the end of the weekend. The chances of having a fitter in the pits, or even finding a tyre shop op on a Sunday would be zero.

Well the first paragraph says it all, Dave red-lit against Ian Powell in his dragster. Ian was closer to his dial – even a perfect light for Dave would not have been enough. Dave thinks that lack of sleep may have contributed to poor focus on the task….

Racing got down to the semi-finals before rain stopped play. We think that Peter Walters may have wrapped up the Super Pro ET championship, and it would have been great to see Scott Hauser race John Atkinson race in the finals.

Our sometime work experience lad was busy elsewhere (again!) so former drag racer Rob Hunt stepped into the fold. It was Rob’s first visit to the venue (whatever you decide to call it) since 1981, where he made his last pass in the Drag Addict altered. Dave and Rob were friendly rivals back in the day and this weekend Rob helped out with start line duties. As it’s Rob’s third visit to a drag race this year after a thirty-one year absence we suspect Rob is getting a little too keen for his own good! Drag Addict is seen here at Santa Pod circa 1979.

Other problems were off-track. First, our usual custard whipper, crew-chief Dick Hogben, wasn’t with us, so the duty fell to Maurice. The result was custard less thick than we are used to. Dave and Alli also tried to beat the mixture to the required stiffness, but to no avail….

Finally, our other main issue was sleep deprivation (see above). While we are not averse to the noise of loud music ourselves (the other reason two of us are deaf), the dodgems and then the bar played loud music until 3 ‘o’clock in the morning, which to us, is unacceptable. So, until we can be sure that a noise curfew is in place and enforced at the venue during events we wish to attend, we shall not return.

That’s it for the Rough Diamond drag racing season, however we will be appearing at the Flame and Thunder show at Santa Pod on October 27th. where we are booked to perform a flame burnout. It’s a cracking family event with loads to see and do, including fireworks, wall of death riders and monster trucks. Click on this link for more details http://www.santapod.co.uk/e_flame.php


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3 Responses to Mixed weekend at Long Avon Shakey Park Raceway

  1. Rob Hunt says:

    hey dave,
    thank you for an interesting week end and the ticket and the tea bags and your company!
    regards to you and the team.
    rob hunt.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi there people. I have just purchased the Drag Addict altered car :-} Does anyone have more info/history & photos of it through it’s life please? There are still things to do on it before it comes out to play, but I would just love to know more about it, cheers :-}

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