Our Dragstalgia

O.k. It’s been over two weeks since Dragstalgia and this update should have gone out sooner, but you know how it is, life sometimes gets in the way…

The second Dragstalgia at Santa Pod Raceway was once again a fantastic event, the only problem being that we were so busy playing with the race car that we didn’t get to see all the good stuff that was there! 

The team’s chief custard whipper

We were a man down as Maurice was at a Hot Rod event in Finland, however Dick was in attendance and on his usual custard whipping duties.

We were pleased to see that the Rough Diamond altered featured twice in the event programme (surely some mistake!) and we also took in the Friday practice day. We got 4 runs in while trying to eliminate a small start-line wheel-spin issue by playing with tyre pressure, wheelie bar height and launch r.p.m..

Saturday was wet for most of the day and Rough Diamond was first car on the track at 4.30pm and we were surprised by our second fastest ever run on the ‘green’ track.

Photo – Roger Gorringe

Following the first fire-up of the restored Allard dragster and the ‘cackle-fest’, Saturday evening once again saw the flame burnouts. Rob Loaring was on petrol ignition duties and we were first up.

Photo – Ivan Sansom

The result was not as spectacular as last year but pleasing nonetheless.

Spin paint art

The flame burnout caused us no damage other than a ‘spin paint’ effect to the lettering of a slick.

This could not be said of our friend John Everitt who, performing his first ever flame burnout in The Alien altered, failed to heed Rob’s first two instructions to hit the gas. When ‘Leadfoot’ finally nailed it, a fairly good inferno was underway. When he came to a standstill his ‘chute was on fire and the battery cables, turtle deck, ‘chute and ‘chute net were trashed. Only going to prove that what we are doing is literally playing with fire…. 


Rob Hunt, Dick Hogben, Dave Gibbons


It was also good once again to see Rob Hunt an old friend and fellow racer from the 70’s against whom we competed in his Drag Addict Austin 7 altered.


Photo – Ingrid Chesworth

Being a consistent and reliable car we had high hopes for the Wild Bunch race on Sunday. All cars run 4 times with the car having the closest average to its dial-in declared the winner. This all went to cock when on our first run Rough Diamond failed to shift into second gear. By the time Dave realised what had happened the run had slowed to a 10.31… This blew our competition chances, and unless we could run a mid 6 second pass our average was out of the window! The fault was traced to a broken signal wire from the MSD ignition unit – easily fixed for less than 5p.

Photo – Ingrid Chesworth

The remaining 3 runs were as consistent as usual and we used them well trying to dial out the wheel spin problem. No awards for us this weekend.

Next outing will be the Open Sport Nationals on August 25th – 27th at Shakespeare County Raceway. We’ve not raced there for some nine years (driving The Alien) and Rough Diamond has not seen that track since 1982! It’ll be fun to be back.

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