Scott’s cool ride!

Scott’s pit bike!

Rough Diamond’s co-crew chief Scott Gibbons has a new ride to tool around on. His custom cycle now has some extra finishing touches courtesy of the finest signwriter in the land – Neil Melliard of Pro-Sign.

No sooner than the bike arrived at the workshop, team owner Dave stripped the chopper style bike and gave the frame a satin black base-coat, then it was transported to the Pro-Sign workshop where Neil, fitting the job into his hectic schedule, worked his magic. Having been given a ‘blank sheet of paper’ the bike is now personalised with Scott’s name and some hand laid cool flames and stripes.

‘This project has taken priority over everything else in the workshop’ said Dave Gibbons, ‘but the chance for Scott to have the coolest pit bike at the track was too good to miss’.

Scott will be cruising the pits this weekend at the Summer Nationals. Come by and say hi if you’re there!

Big thanks go to Neil At Pro-Sign.

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1 Response to Scott’s cool ride!

  1. mtakoor says:

    I’m jealous now!!!

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